Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sam has things to say

Written by Tim's secretary - (Doshadora) Aunt Kelly has taught me a good noise. I hit my sticks it is fun.

We went to the animal place. The monkeys are funny, like my dad.

I fed the goose, but it liked my fingers better.

Aunt Kelly and Grandma took me to the park. I showed them what a good climber I am. A.K. taught me some holds on the climbing rock.

Dad and I cruised the beach. Mom is nervous and excited. I'm not sure I get this whole baby thing, but grandma says I'll understand tomorrow. Mom and dad are leaving me way before the sun comes up, but I don't mind cause I really like my Aunt Kelly.


  1. Aunt kelly sure is cool

  2. yeah she's cool... takes her little Sam EVERYWHERE!!!

  3. dude, its been a month...