Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So the little boy has pink eye. It has been a tough few days around the McBride household. Sam has nasty snot running off his face and a case of pink eye. And we are less than a week away from the birth of number 2. So as you can guess I have been a little busy, tired and I hate to admit it, crabby. It's so hard to be in a good mood when Sam is whining all day long because he doesn't feel good and Abby is pretty much relegated to the couch when she gets home because working takes a lot out her this far into the pregnancy. It sure is hard to be the servant that Christ has asked us to be. I know that I must put the needs of others before mine but sometimes I just don't do that. I really need to be there for my wife and son and be able to serve them with a joyful heart. I guess that is my prayer, to be able to love my wife and help and serve her in anyway that she needs. I guess I shouldn't complain because the discomfort that she is going through and will go through during the birth far outways my current state of stress. The awesome thing that I can turn to is the Lord Jesus. He is my rock and my salvation and with him anything can be accomplished. That is the thought I will leave you with.


  1. Lay back in Jesus arms and rest a bit.

  2. Hey Tim ~

    Please pray for Kelly in the same manner you seek for yourself. I'm sure his energy level is diminishing, and I still have 19 days to go.
    Not that I suspect things will slow down much once McBride number two arrives, but we will keep you in our prayers too.