Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Need Money For Rocket Fuel"

So it has been over a year since I last updated this blog. I last spoke of a Milwaukee, WI band by the name of 'I'm Not A Pilot' and the release of their EP. Well a year later they have released their first full length album "Need Money For Rocket Fuel". It is an amazingly fresh and organic album that truly inspires.
    Charles Nevsimal of Milwaukee's Info Magazine describes I'm Not A Pilot's unique sound better than I ever could..."Their own sound is itself at once both lavish and sparse, infusing an Indie-Pop proclivity perfused with Classical influences."
    I am a lover of great music, especially music of the independent record label variety. I have heard a wide assortment of music over the last several years and nothing sounds quite like 'I'm Not A Pilot'. They have something unique and touching. Their new album is both melodic and thought provoking. Mark Glatzel's lead vocals and song writing skills have grown to new heights. But personally what keeps me coming back and wanting more is the inclusion of professional cellist Peter Thomas of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. He provides the unique sound of INAP. They are unique because they lack the traditional instrument of guitar. Peter Thomas more than fills the void with his professionally classical cello skills. I can't speak enough of how their sound moves the emotions of the listener. It provides an aura of contemplativity that rarely shows itself in today's music. They almost have an emotionally atmospheric sound. I have heard INAP compared to Arcade Fire and Ben Folds. But I would like to add one more band to that mix...Sigur Ros. The Icelandic natives Sigur Ros have mastered the musical art form of 'atmospheric pop'. Whether by choice or not, I'm Not A Pilot has thrust themselves into that genre of thought provoking and heart moving musical art. Give them a listen and see what you have been missing.