Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brett 'Jett' Favre

When I told my buddy Dan that I was starting to blog again he said, "let me guess, you wrote about Brett Favre." I told him "actually no, I wrote about parenting." He was surprised and I guess I am too that Mr. Favre had slipped my mind. So here it goes Dan, this is for you. 
     As most of you know Favre was traded to the NY Jets last week and boy am I relieved. Some might be sad and a few might even be happy but I am just glad the whole dang saga is over with. Don't get me wrong, I love Favre and I love what he has done for the Pack for the last 17 year but I am just glad this soap opera is finished. Now I can get back to cheering for my Packers and letting Aaron Rodgers win me over. As I have told several friends, I am a Packer fan first and then a Favre fan. I think the Green Bay Packer management treated Favre disrespectfully through out this whole retirement/unretirement ordeal. I think the man is entitled to a little indecision. After all, he did win a Superbowl, 3 MVPs and provided almost 17 years of above average QB play for the Packers. And the dude can still chuck the pigskin harder than I will ever be able to. So here it is. I LOVE the Packers, I think the Packers GM and management sucks, and I wish Brett Favre the best of luck with the Jets. And hope the Packers and Jets meet in the Superbowl.

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