Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Archer wedding, hangin with Miller and just all around great times!

   So my buddy Jim Archer got married this last weekend to Rebekah Reuss, his wonderful girlfriend of the last two years. Why am I telling you this ( all three of you who read my blog)? Because Jim was one of my best friends in college and still is. If you know Jim and frequent blogs and facebook pages of his friends then I am sure you are aware that I am not the first to post 
about the Archer wedding. (Infact, I borrowed the picture to the left of Jim, Loren and I; from Loren's blog. Thanks Loren!)
   So, it is my turn to tell you all that I had a friggin blast in MN hangin with old friends and attending Jim and Rebekah's wedding. My buddy Loren Miller picked me up at that airport and from then on we pretty much spent the rest of the weekend together, which was awesome because I haven't seen him in quite a while and I consider him one of my best friends along with Jim. He also let me crash at his place which ended up saving me a lot of money by not having to get a hotel or rental car. I was w/o wife and kids because it costs so dang much ($1,500) to fly us all the way to MN from FL. Loren was sans wife for similar reasons. We had a blast seeing old college roommates and fellow Campus Crusade for Chirst friends from college. Jim's wedding was basically one big reunion and I am so glad I went. 
   I couldn't be happier for Jim. The guy is a real man. And by that I mean,  Jim is a man of his word. A man with principles and integrity. He is a guy who doesn't wavier on his principles. He is a guy that will treat Rebekah like gold. Jim is the most honest, trustworthy person I have ever met. Jim wouldn't hesitate to give you the shirt off his back. 
  As you can tell I admire Jim and consider it an honor to be his friend. Best of luck on your marriage Jim and Rebakah Archer. I will be praying for God to truly bless your marriage.

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