Saturday, November 13, 2010

expression through creativity and "art"

I have been feeling very introspective lately. I have recently gone through some big changes in my life. And these changes have allowed me to really think, ponder, wonder and consider many things about myself. One of those things that I have thought about a lot is the lack of creativity and "art" in my life.
    "Art" as defined by me is something that you use as a tool to express your self. Things such as music, photography, writing, painting...etc.  I enjoy art. I enjoy great music. I enjoy amazing photography. I enjoy writing. I want these things to be more of a part of my life. More of a part of who Tim McBride is. I have always admired the creative arts but now I have begun to embrace its many forms.
   When I start to write it feels good. It feels like it's something I should be doing. Thats why I do it. I encourage you to do something that artfully expresses your self. I will be the first to admit that I am still learning how to do these things. I am teaching my self how to play guitar better. I am reading and learning about photography and constantly learning how to better express my self through the written word. I know that when I do these things it adds depth to who I am and provides a way for me to release my thoughts, passions, ideas and emotions. Thats all I got for now, more to come later.
p.s. credit goes to my friend Sarah Cusick for the amazing floral photography.

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