Thursday, November 25, 2010

Depression and Love

I've decided to post some more of my writing/poetry. I am still somewhat apprehensive to post it on my blog. But I am learning to trust that this is a place where I can comfortably express myself and more specifically express the creative side of me. These two pieces were written at different points in my life. One of them is very dark and written many years ago when I was going through a tough time. The other one is short but positive and uplifting. I value your comments and feedback.

It is around me.
My heart is sore.
I know not why but I do know... it is on me.
It is in me.
I feel it through my bones.
Through the depths of my skin it caresses me.
Will it leave, I don't know?
It is heavy.
It is omnipresent.
I ask why?
I receive no response.
It is cold.
It is there.
The blackness surrounds but there is hope.
But hope is lost.
It is crushed.
My heart is shattered into thousands of pieces.
They cut my feet and the blood drips.
My feet heel but the blackness is still in me.
It is heavy.
It is here.
It is everywhere.

It is a magnificent word.
At times it is so overwhelmingly strong.
It is the reason for living.
To love, it is a gift that we were given.
Only the Almighty has the power to grant us that gift.
He alone can give meaning to that word.
He alone is the meaning of the word.
God is love.

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Nice dude, glad you're writing again. LB