Sunday, July 05, 2009

Japandroids - "Post-Nothing"

I found a new band the other day on eMusic and they blew me away. They are the Japandroids and their album is Post-Nothing and they are utterly amazing. They hail from Vancouver Cananda and are garage rock in sound. They are indie, low-fi, edgy and full of distortion. It is a sound that I have been missing lately and longing to hear. It's just straight up rock that only sounds good when you crank them up loud. In fact, playing loud is the one thing that these two dudes do well. They are a 2 piece that sounds like a 5 piece. So go ahead and check them out, crank the volume up and smile cause that feeling you get in the pit of your gut when listening to the Japandroids, is authentic rock 'n' roll with no frills. Love it and enjoy it cause I sure do!

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