Thursday, September 11, 2008

Urgent prayer request

   For those of you who are believers is prayer, I would ask of you that you pray for my wife's family and the many people in the path of Hurricane Ike.  Abby's parents (Dave and Dori Renneker) and grandparents (Bob and Judi Kruse) live in the Houston metro area and are almost in the direct path of Hurricane Ike, according to the latest weather update. They live far enough inland from the coast that they feel they do not need to evacuate. But there is still plenty of danger headed their way. They are in the NW suburbs of Houston and expect strong cat.1 to weak cat.2 winds (100+ mph) where they live by late Friday night into early Saturday morning. Not catastophic but enough to do damage! Please pray for their safety as well as the many others who are affected by this hurricane. Living here on the Gulf coast of FL, I know exactly how much storms like Ike  drastically affect the lives of thousands of people. If you could take just a minute to pray for thier safety, Abby and I would be very grateful.  
 Also here is a link to a great tropical weather website if you are interested in staying updated on the storm. There is a lot of info on the webpage so just scroll down to get to the latest predicted track.

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  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    We apparently still have to deal with hurricanes here in durham, NC.... you would think we might get a break but no.