Monday, August 06, 2007

The Call

I thought I would say a little something about my thought pattern lately. I have been constantly wondering what am I supposed to do in life? I don't think raising two kids as a stay at home dad is my calling in life. For this present moment that is probably what is best for my family. But I think a lot about my future, my passions, my possible career choices, my love for God, how to support my family financially and other various important issue that deal with everyday life. The question I have is, what is God calling me to do? That is the question, the BIG question.
I have thought through several options. Maybe it is enrolling at a seminary. For what? Maybe a masters degree in Christian counseling. I have always loved talking, interacting and meeting new people. Maybe that is the avenue for me but another part me is longing for something else.
That something else is sharing Christ's love and the truth of his saving message. I have always loved and supported missions and missionaries. In fact that is where I met Abby, on the missions field in a foreign country where people had no clear idea who Jesus is or how they can know him and love him. I feel that I am willing to serve God in any way. If he wants me over seas on the mission field, then I welcome that with open arms. But I wonder, what country, with what organization, when? I guess if that is my calling God will provide the answers and the leading. So I going to pray and try to be proactive about all this. I am going to open my self up to all possibilities, even ones not mentioned in this rambling blog entry. I will leave you with a thought that Katie S. , a staff member at our church, wrote on her bio on our church's website. "In ministry, if you have a passionate heart, God will equip you in His timing with what He deems is necessary for Him to be give glory through you! 'God does not call the equipped, but He equips the called!' "


  1. It is so hard to wait for an answer. I have always lived with this verse, "My times are in thy hand" Psalm 31:15. God will lead the way.

  2. You are in my prayers...